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For all pre order/custom requests please message us directly to discuss lead times and discounted costs.

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What do I do?...

Create and innovate with Australia

As a sole owner I keep my range small and manageable using products and materials that not only look great but pack a punch too whilst bringing home consistent results chasing your saltwater targets.

When I'm not tying flashers, ganging hooks or cinching down on knots, I'll be working closely with my Australian work team to bring to you the freshest quality gear that is built and/or packaged in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Suncoast Skutes lends it's ongoing success to the multiple local companies that have chosen to part of this epic journey to create a collection to suit most your offshore and inshore needs.

Pre made Rigs

We don't mess around, with cheap store bought branded junk., whether its snapper, red emperor, trout mahi, jewfish then we've got you covered.

We tie our own using the best components in thier class the market has to offer, of course at prices that can't be matched by the stores.

We mainly cater for pre order packs but continually pumping out snapper rigs to suit a range of baits and depths.

Great Barrier Reef targets also make up the majority using heavy gage singles, twins and gangs.

If it's not instock and we are holding the hooks then pre order privatly for the win

Hollowcore Flashers

These weapons are the new exciting product from me and have exceeded my expectations of just how useful they are in my own personal game!

These are patent protected and for good reason- they slay!!

Fish smart without interfering with baiting up or chores.

Swapped and repositioned extremely quickly. You add them to ANY rig and even better retire a set of hooks without loosing the valuable part.

Obviously they have a huge life expectancy as they don’t spend that much time in a fishes mouth and when they do are inside the tube to protect from chafing. Especially when you need to use pliers to remove hooks.My favourite is adding them to the top loop of the dropper rig and using them in floatline rigs to match my baits.

Whether its fishing big baits for red emperor and trout or hunting around for pearl perch, snapper and larger plate fish - there really isn’t a better product on the market to cover you where ever you go.

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Mackerel Fishing

I am pleased to announce the constant new arrivals of trolling and live bait rigs along with some simple deadbait options into the range.

Trolling deadbaits is by far the easiest way to bring life to a natural bait and cover good ground but only if the rig is suitable which many are not.

Live bait rigs are doing a great deal of damage using yakkas and slimeys or even pike. Again with attention to detail and a focus on the rig itself these are perfect for slow trolling on idle to 2 knots, suspended under a balloon or allowed to freely swim under the boat whether on anchor or drifting. These rigs also double up for deadbaiting as a substitute for gangs.

I do not sell anything I wouldn’t fish myself and have no issues in saying that these rigs pay for themselves 5x over with each fish they claim.

Coral Reef Fishing

Lets face it, long trips up north are expensive from the minute you take time off work.... That's why using the best hooks for the job at prices that won't break your budget is just as important as the rest of your expensive set up.

I'm proudly supplying my own SCS hooks for ganging and a range of suicidal cats both with an impressive strenght and a future brighter than the fish they are targeting. Coupled up with with pre rigging and flashers done in house at prices un matched- why go to a tackle shop to empty your wallet when you can support two local businesses at once and still have beer tokens left over.